What is a Sagging Roof?

Many homeowners may think that a sagging roof is just an eyesore, but in reality, it is a much more serious issue than an unattractive feature. Roofing contractors in Levittown, PA know that a sagging roof is usually a sign of some serious damage. If you have a sagging roof on your home, here are three of the most common things that might be causing it.


  • Excessive water damage. One of the most common causes of a sagging roof is weakened roof material, usually caused by environmental damage from factors like snow, rain and ice. Over time, the roofing material that makes up the tiles on the top of your home can begin to host water for longer and longer amounts of time. As this water starts to permeate past the initial layer of roofing tiles, mold and mildew can take root in your roof, further contributing to the degradation of your roofing material. Professional roofing contractors in Bucks County, PA can help to make sure that your roof is draining rainwater properly, preventing this type of permeation to happen and cause sagging.


  • Low-quality roofing material. You get what you pay for! If your roofer originally installed poor quality shingles and materials when building your roof, it will naturally not last as long as a higher quality roof. Low-quality roofing materials can cause sagging because they break under less pressure, allow more water to permeate your roof, and do not hold their shape as well as more structured shingles of better quality.


  • Excess weight from snow or ice. If you live in a climate that receives a large amount of cold winter weather, snow and ice can quickly accumulate to dangerous levels on your roof. However, before you climb on the roof, know that many people end up doing more damage by removing snow themselves, as they can easily damage shingles or tiles in the process. If you believe that your sagging is being caused by excess snow buildup, call a professional to remove the offending material safely.


If you are dealing with a sagging roof, call our experts at Philly Roofing for more information on how to fix it.


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