Tips for Protecting Your Home’s Roof from Snow and Ice

As fall draws to a close, colder temperatures are on the way. But what does this mean for your roof? As a reputable provider of emergency roof repair in Philadelphia, we don’t want any of our customers to be stuck with roof problems during the coldest period of the year. The tips below should help you prepare your roof for the upcoming cold snap.

Thoroughly Inspect Your Roof

When was the last time you had your roof inspected by a professional or looked around for signs of deterioration yourself? We’re talking about loose or missing shingles, holes, or weak spots. All of the above can make your roof more vulnerable to ice and snow. Even small and insignificant looking holes can lead to mold, mildew, and rotting wood. 

Make Sure Your Attic is Insulated

Do you have protection inside your attic from all the ice and snow that will accumulate on your roof during a winter storm? This question is especially crucial if you have a flat roof. Applying sufficient insulation to your attic area and the areas directly above ceilings can help keep both your home and your roof warmer. A warmer roof mean less accumulation of snow and ice and fewer problems.

Check Any Nearby Roof Hazards

Snow and ice can add weight to loose tree branches, which will eventually snap and end up damaging your roof, vehicle, or home. Make sure that you have your trees and the landscaped area around your house checked for hazards long before the winter weather kicks in to prevent any damage of this kind. Clean your gutters because this will stop them from collecting water, freezing, and cracking or falling.

Use Tools Wisely

Chemicals and deicers are supposed to melt wintery accumulation away. They are great for some car windshields, but not necessarily great for your roof. If you have a sloped roof, a snow guard is ideal for helping ice and snow collect in one area until it melts. Gutter guards are also useful as they stop debris collecting inside the gutter pipes. Try to clean your gutters regularly, as this will help to protect your roof from overflow and flooding while helping your roof drain efficiently.

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