The What If Files: What if Your Home Didn’t Have a Roof?

Now, you might be able to imagine what your house would be like if your home didn’t have a roof, but have you ever really thought about it? We can tell you one thing — it wouldn’t be pretty.

In fact, many of us probably take our roofs for granted because they’re always there. They might occasionally need a fixer-upper, but they typically sit over our heads, protecting us and keeping us warm throughout the day and night.

But here at Philly Roofing, we’ve done some thinking over the last couple of days, and we decided to imagine what would happen to your home if you didn’t have a roof. That way, you’ll never take the roofing in your Philadelphia home for granted again. Here’s what would happen to your home without a roof:

  • Everything that isn’t waterproof would be destroyed – If you’re sitting in your home right now, take a look around. How many of the items you own are waterproof? Probably a vast minority. So, every time it rained or snowed, well, you can probably guess what would happen to your belongings. They would be completely destroyed! You would have to buy new TVs, computers, sofas and beds every time there was a little bit of precipitation. Now, that would be a waste of money. And just imagine all of the umbrellas you would need to own.
  • You would either be sunburnt, frostbitten or stricken with pneumonia – Not only would it be harmful to the items you have in your home, but it would also be detrimental to the health of you and your family members if your house didn’t have a roof. Your roof protects you from the elements, like the wind, rain, snow, and sun. So, without a roof, you would likely have sunburn (and probably tons of mosquito bites) in the spring and summer and either frostbite or pneumonia in the fall and winter.

After imagining those scenarios, we know that we’re more grateful for the roofs in our lives. Even if you would rather not say, “Thank you” to your roof, the least you can do is take care of it so that it can continue to take care of you. And remember, we also offer emergency roof repair in Philadelphia and other local areas. You can learn more about how roofs affect your life by contacting us at 215-664-8756.


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