What is a Sagging Roof?

Many homeowners may think that a sagging roof is just an eyesore, but in reality, it is a much more serious issue than an unattractive feature. Roofing contractors in Levittown, PA know that a sagging roof is usually a sign of some serious damage. If you have a sagging roof on your home, here are […]

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Top 5 Signs You Need a New Roof

If you own a home, chances are you like to keep it dry and safe. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to neglect small issues in their roof, causing those small issues to become big ones over time. If you notice any of these five issues, be sure to call our qualified roofing contractors in Bucks County […]

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What Type of Roof Are You?

Having trouble figuring out what type of roof you want installed? As a leading roofer in Doylestown, PA, we believe it’s important to lend some expert advice. Is your personality sturdy and strong? How about charismatic and unique? Take the quiz found here to find out what type of roof your personality matches with! If […]

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Repair or Replace? A Guide for the Unsure Homeowner

A total roof replacement can cost a small fortune, but so can a simple roof repair if it’s not properly taken care of by a professional roofing company. At Philly Roofing, we’ve been repairing, replacing, inspecting and improving the structural integrity of residential and commercial roofs for over 25 years. Asphalt, rubber, slate or flat […]

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3 Signs That You Need to Update Your Roof

Sometimes, you just have to face the facts. Your roof will become weaker in old age. Although most of them will last a long time, they also won’t last forever. Often, roofs will show warning signs before giving out or becoming damaged, which is why you should always be on the lookout for them. Remember […]

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3 Tips to Protect Your Roof from the Snow

Winter is upon us. We’re sure by just reading that statement, some of you let out a cry of joy, maybe in public, causing others to look over at you and mumble to themselves, but most of you probably just cringed to the moon and back. Winter isn’t a very popular season (for good reason), […]

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Making Sure Your Roof is Prepared for Winter

As we enter deeper into the fall season and the leaves fly off the trees, it’s obvious the chillier weather is here to stay. Before we know it, the falling leaves will soon be replaced with snowflakes. Here at Philly Roofing, we want you to be as prepared as possible for the colder months ahead. […]

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