4 Ways to Prepare Your Roof & Gutters for Spring


Whether you’re a home or business owner, late winter is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your property’s roof ready for spring. After months of harsh winds, heavy snow, and frigid temperatures, your roof and gutters will definitely need some TLC. As you start writing out your spring cleaning list, don’t forget to add these four easy ways to prepare your roof and gutters for spring!


1. Clear Your Roof and Gutters of Any Debris

Between fall and winter, many property owners forget to do their essential roof and gutter maintenance. While it can be easy to forget about the maintenance of your home’s exterior, it pays to be proactive when it comes to maintaining something as important as your home’s roof. Cleaning your roof and gutters of any miscellaneous debris can not only help you identify potential concerns but also help you avoid expensive water damage repairs.


2. Give it a Thorough Inspection

Once you’ve cleared away any lingering sticks, pine needles, and leaves, it’s time to give your roof and gutters a thorough inspection. When inspecting the roof shingles of your Philadelphia property, you should look for things such as:

  • Missing or damaged shingles or tiles
  • Torn or missing flashing
  • Damaged ventilation stacks
  • Animal entry points

As for your gutters, you should look for things such as:

  • Holes
  • Standing water around your property’s perimeter
  • Leakage in your downspout’s joints


3.  Don’t Forget to Check Your Attic

You may think inspecting your roof for damages from the outside is good enough to spot any problems, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so don’t forget to check your attic. You can spot holes and water damage from inside your attic or crawlspace by checking for signs of water and daylight intrusion. Since water flows downhill, make sure you check for leaks along your roof’s peak. Some telltale signs of water leakage are:

  • Dripping water
  • Damp areas or patches of standing water
  • Evidence of mold or excessive moisture.

To get the most out of your inspection, try to do it during daylight hours. It will make it easier to spot any holes that your roof might have.


4. Contact Your Local Roofer

Taking care of your roof and gutters can be a big job to handle on your own. If you find that you need a bit help getting your home ready for spring, don’t hesitate to give Philly Roofing a call! We offer a number of roofing services in Philadelphia that can help extend your roof’s lifespan and save you money in the long run. Contact us today at 215-664-8756.


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