3 Warning Signs It May Be Time For A New Roof

While we all know just how important a roof is to your home, many homeowners forget to keep an eye on the health of their roof. Although they may seem difficult to spot, there are a handful of small warning signs that come with the decay of any style of roof. Those who believe they are in need of asphalt roofing in Philadelphia, should reach out to us at Philly Roofing today. Some of the small signs homeowners should look out for include:


How Old Is Your Roof?


One of the easy ways to not be surprised when a roof starts to fall apart is by knowing the age. Since the weather in the area and the material of the roof can be big factors in determining the health of a roof, any roof that is around 20-25 years old is sure to start showing its age. Those unsure of the age of their roof should look no further than Philly Roofing. We offer roof inspections for homes and businesses all across the Greater Philadelphia area.


Sunlight Visible In Your Attic


Sunlight that can be seen in your attic is a sure sign that the health of your roof is not as good as it used to be. If sunlight is able to get into your home, that also means there isn’t anything to stop from rain, hail and snow from easily getting inside your house.


Overall Appearance


Like with many parts of your home, you may not be able to identify specific problems, but your eyes can help you determine that something simply isn’t right. Make sure to give a good look at your roof with every change of the season. The winter weather can do a number on your roof, and making sure there are no lasting effects come spring can help prolong its life.

Those in need of roof repair or roof shingles in Bucks County, PA, have come to the right place. For over 25 years, we have served Philadelphia and the surrounding area. For more information on a full list of services or to get in touch with us today, give us a call at 215-664-8756.


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