3 Tips to Help Prolong Your Roof’s Lifespan

Your roof is more than just a safety blanket from the elements; it’s also one of largest investments that you will make. There are several great benefits of new roofing in Philadelphia, one of which is increasing your home’s value. 


Consulting with our team of professional roofers is one of the best things to do as you begin the process of getting a new roof installed. Our experts have the knowledge that you need to understand your new roof and the best ways to treat it.


Here are three tips you should know about to help prolong your roof’s lifespan.


Regularly Check Your Gutters


Living in this area, we are lucky to be able to experience all four seasons. However, when it comes to the roof of your home, this is not always the best thing. When the leaves of a tree begin to fall, they can easily clog your gutters. Mix in some heavy rain, and you could have potential damage to your roof if you aren’t regularly checking your gutters. This simple tip is one way to prevent early deterioration.


Be Vigilant


Once our team at Philly Roofing professionally installs your new roof, it’s pretty easy to take it for granted and no longer pay any attention to it. But just like with anything, you still need to keep a watchful eye and remain vigilant for any issues that could lead to major damage down the road.


Schedule Roof Inspections with Philly Roofing


Whether it’s your car, home or roof, inspections are important. At Philly Roofing, we conduct routine roof inspections and provide you with information about how your roof is holding up. If any issues need to be addressed, our roofers are able to spot them and help prevent future damage.


By following these three simple tips, you will be on the right path to ensuring your new roof has a long lifespan. With our 25 years of service, you can trust us for all of your roofing needs.


Whether you are interested in flat roofing in Philadelphia or need repairs done, give our friendly team a call today at 215-664-8756.


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